Hello, I'm Adam. Welcome to my personal home on the internet. This site has existed in one form or another since 1999, although this iteration is hosted on Neocities, one of the most unique hosts and online communities around. In older versions of this site, I would post random stuff about bands, computers, or other stuff I was interested in. Here in 2021, most of that functionality has transitioned to social media websites. As have I, for better or for worse. They're all listed below. All of them. Too many. This place just kinda keeps them all together. Anyway, I run a podcast and YouTube channel called in.pencil with my best friend, Jess. I also have a few other scattered hobbies such as reading, writing, making music (occasionally), recording videos, and collecting records. But my true passion is creating things, even when I'm not very good at what I'm creating whatever it is that piques my interest in the moment. It's more about the process. So yeah, poke around, connect with me if you'd like, sign the guestbook, and... I guess that's about it. Here are some more stats about me.

Some of my stuff can be found here:
in.pencil (Podcast / YouTube)
My Horribly Handwritten Font
My Article About John Reuben on Rapzilla
Nothing's Off the Table Interview (5/6/20)
Adam's Spotify Playlist

Connect with me:
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Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-6175-5646-6494


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